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25 years Silicon Valley technology attorney: intellectual property protection, corporate formation and financing, real estate, commercial agreements, and employment matters; including former general counsel of privately held and publicly traded tech companies.


15 years Law Professor: teaching intellectual property and technology agreements (licensing) at three law schools including online courses

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Based on my proven teaching methods, StartUp Law Bootcamp (SLB) will give you the confidence to manage the risk of starting an entrepreneurial venture. It will guide you on both how to proceed without your own private attorney but also how to engage a private attorney in the most cost efficient manner when you are ready to do so.

Learn How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make


My course will teach you how to become a savvy entrepreneur and avoid the most common pitfalls. You will learn how to maximize your assets and minimize your liabilities of your startup enterprise.


This course will guide you on how to avoid those common pitfalls and provide you with the agreements you need to put in place to:


  • Protect the assets of your business by having anyone who creates something for you sign an assignment of intellectual property.

  • Protect your brand by seeking trademark protection for your company name and product or service.

  • Post a privacy policy on your website so that you are not in violation of state laws regarding such a requirement.

  • Use a form agreement to limit your liability for providing services or products.

Enroll in my SLB course IF:

You are an entrepreneur

You want to become an entrepreneur

You do not have thousands of dollars to hire a private attorney – or a team of attorneys – to advise you on the topics of corporate formation, intellectual property protection, commercial agreements and much more!

Find Out How to Overcome Everyday Challenges Entrepreneurs Face


The course introduces three use cases based on three typical entrepreneurs whose businesses involve the internet.


  • Kate has developed a mobile web application (or “app”)

  • Jill is selling pet accessories on Amazon

  • Rob is providing consulting services based on his decades of experience as an advertising executive

Take this course to be well-prepared for the critical legal challenges facing entrepreneurs.


“Jenny Sheridan’s StartUp Law Bootcamp (SLB) training program exceeded my expectations. My understanding of foundational business and legal issues for startups has greatly increased. The simulation exercises gave me practical hands-on experience that I can apply directly to client work. Jenny’s guidance and feedback took the training to another level where I feel more confident in my current clerkship. It’s a great program!”

- Tomiko Cairo, USF JD/MBA 2022, Law Clerk RafterMarsh US.

"I joined Jenny Sheridan’s StartUp Law Bootcamp (SLB) in the spring of 2020 with the hopes that I would learn more about the contract needs of start-ups. I learned so much more! SLB introduced me to a number of new contracts that I had never worked on before including SaaS agreements. Because of what I learned at SLB, I do all the SaaS redlining at my legal internship.”

- McKensie Thomsen, USF JD 2020, Intern at The Pill Factory.

“Jenny Sheridan’s StartUp Law Bootcamp or SLB was very instrumental in developing my practical drafting and negotiating skills. It also deepened my understanding of the intersection between business, technology, and law. As a law student we often learn various tools of technical terminology but we do not see how these terms are used in law practice. To further elaborate, I took contracts and aced it, however it wasn't until I was deep into a redlining exercise in SLB that it actually clicked for me! I am so excited because I am no longer intimidated by Saas Agreements. I have used what I learned in my position with an amazing start-up company! I could not have obtained this training from the traditional legal classroom. I am glad that I jumped at this opportunity.”

- Jordan Hameen, 3L USF Law School.

“I gained transferable skills in StartUp Law Bootcamp (SLB) that I can use for technology client work. SLB gave me practical hands-on experience that I did not receive either in law school or internships.  Jenny’s simulation exercises plus her guidance and feedback gave me the confidence in my skills that I needed. It’s a valuable experience for any law student or recent law grad hoping to pursue a career in business law especially for technology companies.”

- Gina Santoni, Santa Clara Law School JD 2020, Law associate at Ventura, Hersey & Muller LLP.

“I completed Jenny Sheridan’s Startup Law Bootcamp (SLB) in the Spring 2020. I gained critical insight in the intricacies of nondisclosure and SaaS agreements. This course taught me the best approach for communicating legal risk and contract positions to my prospective client as well as strengthening my negotiation skills. SLB uses the simulation method to train law students and recent law grads on how to prepare for and conduct negotiations on behalf of prospective clients. SLB is structured around online course material designed to teach the basics of intellectual property and licensing agreements. Jenny Sheridan guided our cohort on the best practices to marking-up and negotiating contracts based on her decades of experience. I highly recommend SLB to law students and recent grads who are interested in a business law career representing clients to draft and negotiate technology agreements.”

- Ashar Philson, 3L USF Law School.

“I loved SLB’s virtual negotiations and hands-on drafting exercises! I am excited about applying what I learned at my new position at Gap.”

- Crystal Godfrey, USF Law School JD 2020, Law Clerk, Gap, Inc.

"I had the opportunity to observe a virtual negotiation of SLB 2020 cohort trainees. I was very impressed with their skill level in negotiating a typical SaaS agreement. They had made significant progress in mastering the complex provisions of these agreements including warranties, indemnification and limitation of liability."

- Kien Dao, Senior Corporate Counsel, Proofpoint, Inc. 

“I joined SLB Spring 2020 cohort just prior to joining my current law firm as a privacy law associate. SLB helped me discern the crucial provisions of liability in regard to data breach and IP rights that is very useful in my current practice. I have been well-served by the knowledge gained in the SLB especially regarding one-sided contract provisions. SLB training helped me review relevant agreements between parties for various provisions, including those related to indemnification, confidential information, data protection, and various warranties. I highly recommend SLB!”

- Andrew Brown, Santa Clara Law School JD 2019, Privacy Law Associate Atheria Law PC.